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Over the past decade, flux-balance analysis (FBA), a modelling framework based on physico-chemical, environmental, and regulatory constraints, has established itself as a powerful genome-scale metabolic modelling approach. However, the predictive power of FBA is limited by its inability to systematically account for organism-specific constraints beyond the complement of encoded enzymes and transporters. Real metabolic systems, in contrast, are constrained by the necessary investment into proteins and intermediate metabolites and by the volumes and surface areas available for these components.

This project aims to: i) develop a genome-scale metabolic modelling paradigm that explicitly includes dynamic capacity constraints on transporters, enzymes, and intermediate metabolites, resulting in much stronger predictive powers than current methods ii) develop a systematic way to predict kinetic constants, mandatory parameters to build precise metabolic models.


Starting date: 15.02.2015 / PhD student

Thesis committee members: tba 

Mini Academic CV:

  •  2014: M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil)

  •  2012:  Lic. in Physics at Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil)
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