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Smut fungi is the colloquial name for most of the species classified as members of the order Ustilaginales. The smut fungi are biotrophic pathogens of plants and their distinctive symptom is the deposition of teliospores on the floral organs. Many of the smut fungi are infecting agriculturally important crops such as barley, wheat, sorghum, oats and maize, and cause extensive yield damage.

In my project I would like to study how close relatives of Ustilago maydis infect dicot plants and what is their genomic similarities and differences.

Starting date: 01.10.2012 / PhD student

Thesis committee members: Michael Feldbrügge, Nicole Linka, Vera Göhre, Sheng-Yang He

Mini Academic CV:

  • 2012:
    • MSc Plant Sciences, University of Bonn, Germany; Thesis Title: "VirD2-TALeffector (D2TALe) mediated targeted genome insertions and editing in plants "
  • 2010:
    • MSc Agricultural Science, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece; Thesis title: "The yield potential of grain sorghum in Evros prefecture"


Hommelsheim CM, Frantzeskakis L, Huang M, Ulker B (2014) PCR amplification of repetitive DNA: a limitation to genome editing technologies and many other applications. Sci Rep 23; 4:5052

Ulker B, Hommelsheim CM, Berson T, Thomas S, Chandrasekar B, Olcay A C, Berendzen KW, Frantzeskakis L (2012). Reevaluation of the Reliability and Usefulness of the Somatic Homologous Recombination Reporter Lines. Plant Cell 24 (11): 4314 - 23.

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