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We focus on the molecular regulation of iron homeostasis in plants and their adaptations on the abiotic stress of iron deficiency. The key regulator of iron uptake in A. thaliana is the basic helix-loop-helix protein FER-LIKE IRON DEFICIENCY INDUCED TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR (FIT). Within my research project I would like to investigate in which way covalent modifications influence FIT action, which could possibly activate, deactivate or fine-tune the plant responses to different iron supply conditions. By using a phospho-mimicking approach, I will investigate putative phosphorylation sites to analyze whether and in which way these mutations affect protein function and regulation and hence iron acquisition from the soil.

Starting date: 02.09.2013 / PhD student

Thesis committee members: Petra Bauer, Andreas Weber

Mini Academic CV:

  • 2013:
    • Master of Science, Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken
      Master Thesis: “Expression Studies of Amino Acid Transporters belonging to the Lysine and Histidine Transporter (LHT) Family in Hybrid Aspen Populus tremula L. x tremuloides Michx”, performed at the Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC), Sweden.
  •  2011:
    • Bachelor of Science, Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken
      Bachelor Thesis: „Rolle der cytoplasmatischen Domäne des IRON REGULATED TRANSPORTER 1 (IRT1) in Bezug auf die Funktionalität und Regulation der Eisenaufnahme in Pflanzen
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Regina Gratz

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