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December 2023

iGRAD-Plant member Tianyu Lan from the von Korff lab sucessfully finished her PhD! Congratulations!

November 2023

iGRAD-Plant member Vanessa Reichel-Deland from the Weber lab sucessfully finished her PhD! Congratulations!

August 2023

SAVE THE DATE: On November 9 & 10 the HHU Career Day 2023 will take place (DAY 1: 1 - 3:30 pm on campus, DAY2: 9 am - 1 pm, online).  Participants will receive insights in various career paths in panel discussions and parallel sessions with our guest speakers. Full program: https://www.hera.hhu.de/en/seminars-and-courses/career-day 

June 2023

Registration is now open for the Equal Opportunity Day on September 27, 2023: „Successful Together! Make the Change!" Please find the program and the registration link on the following website: https://www.grk2158.hhu.de/qualifikationsprogramm/equal-opportunities/successful-together-make-the-change 

May 2023

iGRAD-Plant Fellow Anna is first-author of a paper in Frontiers in Plant Science: "A systematic overexpression approach reveals native targets to increase squalene production in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803". Congratulations! Link to paper

MSU undergraduate students at HHU.  In the framework of the HHU Bachelor International Program, seven undergraduate students from Michigan State University and one student from Purdue University will spend a summer at HHU. The students will conduct research projects in various labs of the biology and biochemistry departments. The following iGRAD-Plant labs participate in 2023: Microbiology, Synthetic Biology, Quantitative Genetics and Genmics of Plants, Plant Biochemistry 

March 2023

The new PhD representatives are Kasia, Dibin and Jonas.

February 2023

iGRAD-Plant Fellow Vanessa is co-author of a paper in Journal of Plant Pysiology: "Photorespiration is the solution, not the problem". Congratulations! Link to paper

January 2023

On February 15,  there will be  the 2023 Symposium of the IRTG 2466 with six MSU guest speakers. Registration is open until February 5. For more information and the program see IRTG 2466 Events page.

December 2022

iGRAD-Plant member Ksenia Trofimov from the Bauer lab sucessfully finished her PhD! Congratulations! On the same day her new preprint "FER-LIKE IRON DEFICIENCY-INDUCED TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR (FIT) accumulates in homo- and heterodimeric complexes in dynamic and inducible nuclear condensates associated with speckle components" was published - link to preprint

November 2022

iGRAD-Plant member Lesley Plücker  sucessfully finished her PhD! Congratulations!

Giuseppe joined the iGRAD-Plant program as new PhD student via the Graduate School Scholarship Programme by DAAD. Welcome!

October 2022

The new class iGRAD-Plant qualification students started!! Welcome to the program to Benjamin, Franziska, Gabriel, Andrea, Hanna, Anjali, Vinitha and Carla!!

September 2022

iGRAD-Plant Fellow Francesco is co-author of a paper in Journal of Experimental Botany: "The double round-robin population unravels the genetic architecture of grain size in barley". Congratulations! Link to paper

June 2022

Finally! From June 22-25 there was the 1st joint Symposium of the IRTG 2466 with MSU at MSU in East Lansing.  For more information see IRTG 2466 Events page.

iGRAD-Plant Fellow Dibin and iGRAD-Plant Alumni Birte & Daniela published  a paper in Frontiers in Plant Sciences: The Iron Deficiency-Regulated Small Protein Effector FEP3/IRON MAN1 Modulates Interaction of BRUTUS-LIKE1 With bHLH Subgroup IVc and POPEYE Transcription Factors. Congratulations! Link to paper

May 2022

Fascination of Plants Day: On May 18 children from Düsseldorf elementary schools had the opportunity to visit HHU and were introduced to the fascinating world of plant research. The event was organized by CEPLAS and the Institute for Quantitative and Theoretical Biology. iGRAD-Plant fellow Tim  conducted little experiments with the pupils. More Information see IRTG 2466 Events. CEPLAS press release

MSU undergraduate students at HHU.  In the framework of the HHU Bachelor International Program, ten undergraduate students from Michigan State University and two students from Purdue University will spend a summer at HHU. The students will conduct research projects in various labs of the biology and biochemistry departments. The following iGRAD-Plant labs participate in 2022: Microbiology, Molecular Physiology, Developmental Genetics, Plant Biochemistry, Synthetic Biology

Excursion to Syngenta: On May 2, iGRAD-Plant Fellows visited the company Syngenta Seeds GmbH in Bad Salzuflen. After a presentation of the company, a tour of the site was organized and fellows had the opportunity to see the R&D and production facilities. More Information see IRTG 2466 Events.

March 2022

March 14-17, 2022: RNA-Seq data analysis workshop organized by iGRAD-Plant fellows, led by Dr. Hans-Jörg Mai (Institute of Botany)

Congratulations to Lesley who won a poster prize at the 2022 VAAM conference!!

iGRAD-Plant member Seomun Kwon  sucessfully finished her PhD! Congratulations!

November 2021

A PhD student-organised microscocopy workshop in collaboration with the HHUs' Center for Advanced Imaging (CAi) will take place from November 24-16.

On November 4&5 the HHU Career Day 2021 took place virtually. Participants recieved insights in various career paths in panel discussions and parallel sessions with our guest speakers. Full program: https://career-day-2021.phil.hhu.de/en/ 

October 2021

iGRAD-Plant member Nicola Scholten sucessfully finished her PhD! Congratulations!

New publication from iGRAD-Plant fellow Tim (AG Ebenhöh) in Frontiers in Plant Sciences "Computational Analysis of Alternative Photosynthetic Electron Flows Linked With Oxidative Stress" Link to article

New publication from former iGRAD-Plant Fellow Hugo Dourado (AG Lercher) in PLOS Biology "On the optimality of the enzyme–substrate relationship in bacteria" Link to HHU press release

iGRAD-Plant member Jenia Schlegel sucessfully finished her PhD! Congratulations!

The 2021 Retreat was held from October 6-8 at Jugendherberge Düsseldorf as the first in-person meeting for a long time and included joint afternoon sessions with MSU.

August 2021

1st Branch out! Alumni Career session in collaboration with CEPLAS and the MPIPZ, Cologne: Friday, August 27 from 2 - 5 pm. Please find information about the program & registration here: https://www.ceplas.eu/en/training-careers/ceplas-courses-and-excursions/branch-out-alumni-career-series/ 

May 2021

MSU undergraduate students at HHU:  Four undergraduate students from Michigan State University will study at HHU in the summer term. The students will conduct research projects in various labs of the biology and biochemistry departments. Participating iGRAD-Plant labs: Quantitative Genetics and Genomics of Plants, Plant Biochemistry 

New publication from Marc-Sven Röll (Weber lab) in PNAS "Turning problems into opportunities: photorespiration for improved plant metabolism": Link to HHU press release

February 2021

New publication from the von Korff lab with contribution from Tianyu Lan in PNAS about genetic regulation of spike development in barley and wheat. Link to HHU press release 

January 2021

iGRAD-Plant member Maria Paola Puggioni sucessfully finished her PhD! Congratulations!

December 2020

iGRAD-Plant member Marc-Sven Röll sucessfully finished his PhD. Congratulations!!

November 2020

The iGRAD-Plant Office moved to the new building. You can find me now in 26.24.U1.066.

October 2020

iGRAD-Plant Members Lennart and Marc sucesfully participated in HHU's pART of Research Calendar Project. Their entry "beauty in failure" was voted into the 2021 calendar. Congratulations. For the 5th anniversary of the project there is an exibition in the University and State Library from October 28, 2020 until January 10, 2021. More information about the pART of Research Calendar Project and the exhibition you find on the HeRA website: https://www.hera.hhu.de/en/part-of-research 

September 2020

On Tuesday, September 29 the Mini-Symposium of the IRTG 2466 took place at HHU as an hybrid event. Our new PhD students presented their work in front of their peers and project leaders for the first time. Due to current participant restrictions additional guest could participate in the talks online.  Schedule

iGRAD-Plant member Daniela Lichtblau sucessfully finished her PhD. Congratulations!

The IRTG 2466 has been awarded four full PhD scholarships for non-German applicants by the Graduate School Scholarship Program (GSSP) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The available projects for the first two PhD scholarships (starting dates flexible between spring/summer to fall 2021) will be announced on our website in November 2020.

August 2020

New publication from the Pauly Lab with our partners of Michigan State University in PNAS. "The synthesis of xyloglucan, an abundant plant cell wall polysaccharide, requires CSLC function" Link to Article

July 2020

iGRAD-Plant members Rocío Ochoa Fernandez and Eva Maleckova sucessfully finished their PhD. Congratulations!!

June 2020

New Publication from iGRAD-Plant Fellows Rocio and Jenia in Nature Metthods: Optogenetic control of gene expression in plants in the presence of ambient white light.    HHU press release

iGRAD-Plant member Franziska Kuhnert sucessfully finished her PhD. Congratulations!

May 2020

iGRAD-Plant Members Meng-Ying Lin, Yu Fu and Hugo Dourado sucessfully finished their PhD this month! Congratulations!!

March 2020

Please find current information about the corona virus and measures from the HHU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences here: http://www.math-nat-fak.hhu.de/fakultaetsspezifische-informationen-zum-coronavirus-sars-cov-2.html

iGRAD-Plant Member Lennart  Charton sucessfully finished his PhD. Congratulations!

New Publication from iGRAD-Plant Fellow Hugo: An analytical theory of balanced cellular growth in Nature Communications

February 2020

iGRAD-Plant Member Mohmmad Tanbir Habib sucessfully finished his PhD. Congratulations!


January 2020

New Publication from iGRAD-Plant Fellow Marc: The impact of synthetic biology for future agriculture and nutrition in Current Opinion of Biotechnology.

2 Publications from iGRAD-Plant Fellow Birte! 

iGRAD-Plant Fellow Marc was selected to become Assistant Feature Editor at Plant Physiology. For more information visit the Plantae website.



2018 - 2019

New DFG-funded International Research Training Group at HHU Düsseldorf

The new International Research Training Group (IRTG) 2466 “NEXTplant (Network, exchange, and training program to understand plant resource allocation) will start in May 2019.

The doctoral researchers in NEXTplant will study the genotype-phenotype relationship in plants and develop models that predict how plant resources are allocated to growth processes, defense reactions, nutrient uptake and propagation in selected photosynthetic model systems. The program will receive funding of approx.€ 4 million for four and a half years.

The IRTG builds on a partnership with MSU in the area of Bachelor and doctoral training that has existed since 2009. In the past ten years, 30 doctoral researchers and 60 Bachelor students from HHU have undertaken a research stay in the USA. 

HHU press release


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