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Francesco Cosenza

Molecular genetic analyses of plant performance traits of barley

For most phenotypic character natural diversity exists in populations of organisms. This diversity can be used to identify the molecular mechanisms underlying the phenotypic character. My goal is to carry out an high resolution mapping of quantitative traits in barley and to evaluate various phenotypic characters especially such that are of agronomic importance.

Starting date: 16.09.2019 / Doctoral Researcher

Thesis committee members: Benjamin Stich, tba


Shrestha A, Cosenza F, van Inghelandt D, Wu PY, Li J, Casale FA, Weisweiler M, Stich B. The double round-robin population unravels the genetic architecture of grain size in barley. J Exp Bot. 2022 Sep 12:erac369. doi: 10.1093/jxb/erac369