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Transferable Skills

Transferable Skills

The program considers a broad range of national and international demands and suggestions regarding an up to date and forward looking training of PhD students. During one- to two-day workshops the students will be trained by professional experts in the fundamentals of a broad range of transferable skills. They will attend at least three workshops of the program from the fields of:

  • Presentation / Communication / Rhetoric
  • Professional Basics of Teaching and Learning (didactics)
  • Work / Project / Self organization and management
  • Scientific writing / Scientific proposals
  • Information and Time management
  • Good scientific practice
  • Language courses in English and German

Workshops can be chosen from the program of the "Interdisciplinary Graduate and Reseach Academy Düsseldorf (iGRAD). A detailed program of all available workshops can be found at www.igrad.eu.

All workshops will be selected from the yearly program on basis of individual learning aims with consulting support by the responsible graduate guidance committee. The Transferable Skills Program in combination with daily practice in the course of the research projects and other areas of the iGRAD-Plant Teaching Program enables the students to build up an individual and sustainable profile of diverse key competences next to an exceptional scientific expertise and professionalism.