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Anjali Walpola Mudalige Dona

Isolation of alleles influencing resource allocation in barley

High-yielding variety development is one of the main focuses in barley cultivation to fulfill the future demand for food and related industries. For that, it is helpful to dissect the genetic architecture of yield-associated phenotypic traits to find underlying genes, which are the key tools for speeding up barley breeding programs. My goal is to clone a QTL underlying spike morphology in barley. This will be achieved by (i) a detailed characterization of barley spike phenotypes of the parental inbreds, (ii) fine mapping of the QTL using a high-resolution mapping population, and (iii) validating the identified candidate genes. 

Starting date: 01.10.2022 / Qualification Fellow

Thesis committee members: Benjamin Stich, Rüdiger Simon, tba